About Us

MiniMag is so much more than a magazine – it is a guide to growing up!

MiniMag, The National Educational Children’s Magazine, benefits readers on a complete spectrum of educational content, which is presented using humour and vibrant artwork that appeals to all children and has achieved great success in the classroom as a teaching aid. Established in 1994, MiniMag is the longest-existing children’s publication in South Africa.

What makes MiniMag unique is that it targets children from all households (LSM: 1-10), between the ages of four and 15. LSM 6-10 is reached through private subscribers and retail outlets, such as Woolworths and selected CNA, SPAR and Shoprite stores, while LSM 1-5 is reached using sponsorships to disadvantaged schools.  MiniMag has made it a priority to find corporates that are able to sponsor magazines to disadvantaged communities.

Our primary aim is to instil a love for reading, stimulate creativity and broaden general knowledge. By focusing on edutainment we also inform our readers on current events, films and games. Some readers might be interested in the science pages and others might be interested in the latest colour in, either way there is something for everyone!

The voices in the playground rule the market! MiniMag is a key brand building tool that speaks directly to children. Through mindful and ethical advertising we have achieved great partnerships since 1994!


Children benefit from reading MiniMag as it:

–  Instils a love for reading

– Encourages active participation

– Stimulates creativity

– Broadens general knowledge


MiniMag is the ideal vehicle for educational bodies, corporate companies and government to reach children. More than 1000 schools are regular MiniMag subscribers.

Our Promise

MiniMag offers children of all cultural backgrounds a platform to express themselves. We strive to stimulate, entertain, educate and most of all to instil a love for reading. Active participation and creativity are a priority. MiniMag promises to always hold children’s best interest at heart.