About Us

MiniMag, the magazine for children, is the leading edutainment publication in South Africa. It was established 20 years ago, making it South Africa’s longest-existing children’s publication.
Educational content is presented in a fun manner with the use of humour and vibrant artwork which appeals to children. A combination of fact and fantasy draws the child into the world of reading.
MiniMag’s content compliments school curricula and it has achieved great success in the classroom as a teacher aid.
Children benefit from reading MiniMag as it:
•           Instills a love for reading
•           Encourages active participation
•           Stimulates creativity
•           Broadens general knowledge
MiniMag is the ideal vehicle for educational bodies, corporate companies and government to reach children. More than 1 000 schools are regular MiniMag subscribers.

Our Promise

MiniMag offers children of all cultural backgrounds a platform to express themselves. We strive to stimulate, entertain, educate and most of all to instill a love for reading. Active participation and creativity are a priority. MiniMag promises to always hold children’s best interest at heart.